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Every chef’s creativity and passion comes out the best in a private surronding. For Ingrem this place is her recently completed kitchen at Mihkli farm. The goal of Inni’s food courses and dinners is to always offer somethings special and tasty.

Besides using Estonian eco food ingredients, she also introduces different aspects of culinary profession and presentation. After finishing up in the kitchen, everybody gets to try out their own cooking. Good food is almost never served without good wine that’s why Inni also offers wine tastings. Dinner menus also include wine suggestions by Rein Kasela, the master of Rotermanni Veinituba („Rotermann’s Winecellar“).

To spice up your cooking experience, you can request a guest chef of your choosing. Ingrem has been working together with other known chefs such as Mija von Knorring and Artur Ovchinnikonv.

Food courses are suitable for groups of friends, company staff or foreign guests who appreciate great food. Besides teaching about food, the courses help with team building and help people to get to know one another. There is always something new to learn when it comes to preparing food because every person experiences cooking in a different way and together those personal experiences can be shared.

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